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Business in biotechnology

We are pleased to inform that advocate Dr Tomasz Jezierski and advocate Ewelina Kumor-Jezierska will share their experiences in the area of legal aspects of the activity of entities from the field of life science, conducting classes as part of interdisciplinary postgraduate studies "Business in biotechnology".

Postgraduate studies  "Business in biotechnology"  were prepared by the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology of the Jagiellonian University in consortium with the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation Ltd, having in mind both people interested in conducting economic activity in life science as well as those who link their professional career with this field. The studies' subjects will comprise, among other things, issues such as transfer of technology in the field of life science, managing the enterprise in the area of life science or financing innovation in bio-business.

The lecturers conducting classes will be, first and foremost, practitioners (managers and managerial board members) developing enterprises in the field of life science both in Poland and abroad. 

Classes run by Dr Tomasz Jezierski will cover issues like shaping the legal form of economic activity, risk management and tax law. Other problems which will be taken into consideration will include: the choice of legal form of the activity and its influence on the risk borne as well as tax-related costs, methods of limiting legal and legal-finance risk in the field of biotechnology as well as tax solutions concerning the area of biotechnology.

Classes run by advocate Ewelina Kumor-Jezierska will cover issues like non-competition during employment and breach of a non-competition rule, post-employment non-competition agreements and rights of a employer whose employee has created a work as part of his duties under the employment relationship (copyrights).

For more detailed information please visit the website of the project's Organizer, the Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation and the Jagiellonian University

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