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Law Firm KADP dr Tomasz Jezierski offers services both in the form of current, permanent counseling and in the implementation of specific projects.

The fee is established for every case individually, depending on its complexity,arising legal obstacles, and estimated time needed for its realization (how time-consuming the case will be).

Law Firm uses three systems of settlement: lump payment, settlement based on hourly rates and a mixed system.

Payment shall be made in advance into the bank account, based on VAT invoice. We can arrange installments for the payment.

In case of regular customers, payment shall be made in arrears, into the bank account, based on the forwarded settlement and VAT invoice.

External costs (court fees, stamp duty, remuneration of legal experts etc) shall be made directly by the Client into the bank account of the proper institution or by the intermediary of Law Firm after making due advance payment.

Information on rates used by Law Firm can be obtained by telephone, via electronic mail or during a personal visit to Law Firm. 

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