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About the Law Firm

Law Firm of Advocates and Tax Advisory of Dr Tomasz Jezierski specializes in servicing cases connected with business activity.

Law Firm guarantees the full service of economic entities and, in particular, in the area of business law and commercial law as well as tax and public procurement law. Moreover, regardless of its fields of specialization, Law Firm is capable to guarantee complex service of entrepreneurs thanks to its close cooperation with other law firms (of attorneys-in-law or legal advisers), experienced auditors, accounting companies, business counseling and also property appraisal experts.

The offer of Law Firm is directed, above all, towards all entrepreneurs, regardless of the legal form in which they operate. Law Firm assists, inter alia, natural persons conducting their own economic activity, commercial companies and partnerships, persons constituting their bodies (members of boards of directors or management, supervisory boards, auditing committees) business partners or stock holders. 

Furthermore, Law Firm assists people who do not conduct their own economic activity in the area of penal fiscal law (defense in penal fiscal cases) and in trial representation in tax matters.

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